Dear Airlines

Posted on May 13, 2010


Do you really want to win back customers? Do you really want to alleviate air rage? Do you really want to make flying a more pleasant experience for passengers and crew? Then start communicating with the people who buy your tickets. When a flight is delayed, send a person out to the gate and tell us why the departure time has come and gone with no departure. Give us some information so we know how to answer our children’s repeated questions, so we know if we have time to go get a 12-dollar sandwich, and so we can call relatives and save them some inconvenience at the other end of our flight. You overload us with useless information when we’re on the plane — the types of clouds we’ll be passing through, the direction and speed of the wind in Toronto, the temperature in Chicago. Yet when we’re sitting in the terminal, you tell us nothing. Passengers want to know what time the airplane is leaving and what time it’s arriving. Give us that one small courtesy and we’ll listen to whatever else you need to say.

Posted in: Exasperating