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The “Let It Slide” Collection

November 12, 2013


Every year, as Catholic school students, we were sent out into the neighborhood on fundraising expeditions, wearing our uniforms and carrying cardboard suitcases filled with overpriced chocolate bars. It was my first sales job, and I was terrible at it. I’m pretty sure my Aunt Josephine bought the entire box every time, not because the […]

Keeping in Touch

May 2, 2012


In 1981, I read a book by someone who was extremely well-known in some obscure field. I can no longer remember his well-known name, so there’s little chance the obscure field will spring to mind. But I do recall that at one point he offered this as his theory of life: “We’re all in constant […]

It Was All Just A Misunderstanding.

November 14, 2010


At some point in my early childhood my mother developed the habit of answering every request for a new purchase with the phrase, “Someday, when our ship comes in.” I’d ask when I could get a bike and she’d say, “Someday, when our ship comes in.” I’d ask about the possibility of a color television […]

Dear Airlines

May 13, 2010


Do you really want to win back customers? Do you really want to alleviate air rage? Do you really want to make flying a more pleasant experience for passengers and crew? Then start communicating with the people who buy your tickets. When a flight is delayed, send a person out to the gate and tell […]