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Too Much Inspiration

June 27, 2013


Everyone likes to sound as though they know what they’re talking about. Well, almost everyone, that is. I shy away from that sort of thing, because once people think you know something, they start asking you all kinds of annoying questions in an attempt to trip you up and embarrass you in front of your […]

Red in the Face

September 14, 2010


The intent here was to tell you a heartwarming story of my teenage years, brimming with hopes, dreams, and aspirations. The result is this disjointed collection of pointless memories, filled with junior high school locker room scenes, scowling gym teachers, hairy legs, and blood-soaked bathroom sinks. Anyway, you can’t say I didn’t warn you. For […]

Caveat Viator (Let the Traveler Beware)

August 7, 2010


My wife and I went on a four-day road trip recently. Our destination was less than three hours from home, yet we had never been to this particular part of the country. We set off, armed with the region’s vacation guide, one of those thick books filled with colorful pictures, maps, and dramatic headlines that […]

Exasperation Majors: Fall 2010 Courses

July 14, 2010


There are people who are rarely bothered by anything. They float through life like one of those new car models in the wind tunnel, all aerodynamic and smooth. When something unpleasant happens, they step aside and keep on humming. When someone else is rude or obnoxious, they shrug their shoulders and wish them a good day. […]

Sarcasm: It’s in the Blood

July 7, 2010


I see articles in magazines and newspapers that speculate about the existence of genes for certain traits. Is there a gene for religious belief? Homosexuality? Intelligence? Alcoholism? These are mildly interesting questions, and I usually read the articles at least halfway through before going off to fold my socks. But what about the sarcasm gene? […]

Still More Movie Questions

June 28, 2010


If I appear to be obsessed with movies, I’m not. I have a few favorites (maybe fifteen), but I’m really too analytical and picky to just relax and enjoy the show. If one little thing doesn’t make sense, it blows the whole thing for me. Also, my mind wanders, so I have a tendency to […]

Looking Down On Subtitles

June 24, 2010


I read a lot. At any given time, I may have four or five books going at once. So when I watch a movie, I want to sit back and be lazy. Having to frantically read subtitles doesn’t seem relaxing. Now I realize that sometimes they may be unavoidable. Foreign films are made in another […]