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Still More Movie Questions

June 28, 2010


If I appear to be obsessed with movies, I’m not. I have a few favorites (maybe fifteen), but I’m really too analytical and picky to just relax and enjoy the show. If one little thing doesn’t make sense, it blows the whole thing for me. Also, my mind wanders, so I have a tendency to […]

Looking Down On Subtitles

June 24, 2010


I read a lot. At any given time, I may have four or five books going at once. So when I watch a movie, I want to sit back and be lazy. Having to frantically read subtitles doesn’t seem relaxing. Now I realize that sometimes they may be unavoidable. Foreign films are made in another […]

Rated C, for Confusing

June 4, 2010


Inspired by several entertaining posts on Big Happy Nothing, I recently wrote of my fondness for the movie Moonstruck, as well as my inability to understand the film’s ending. To the rescue came Charles Paolino with a clear and concise explanation. I thanked Mr. Paolino, rewarding his insight by inviting him to come live with […]