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True Love

August 17, 2012


My daughter, Allison, is suffering under the delusion that she’s getting married today. This is impossible, of course, because she’s just a little girl. Okay, she’s not really a little girl. She was born in 1985, and if you subtract that number from the year it is now, she’s twenty-seven. So if you want to […]

Winter’s Thaw

September 21, 2011


My good friend and blogging buddy, Priya, recently sent me the beginning of a story she wanted to write. She asked me to add a few paragraphs, then send it back to her. The idea was that we would continue taking turns extending the story until it was finished, like a single plant growing from […]

Better Left Unsaid? (Part 1)

May 22, 2011


My good friend Priya (Partial View) and I recently began talking about celebrities and how much certain people seem to worship them. By “certain people,” I mean women, especially married women. And by “worship,” I mean fantasizing about having real romantic relationships with male actors, musicians, and athletes: the so-called sex symbols. As we talked […]

Growing Up with Big Brother

March 3, 2011


When I was four, I was rescued by my older brother during a bizarre incident involving a mechanical bed in our house. Technically, there were two beds. One could be raised to sleeping level or lowered to the floor and rolled under the other, which was stationary. It may be known as a trundle bed, […]

A Valentine for Imperfect Couples

February 13, 2011


For those of us who grew up with fairy tales, and later with the movies and television, it might be natural to assume that romance is supposed to lead to happily-ever-after. We take it for granted that destiny holds our perfect match in its hands, and while the prize may be slow to arrive, eventually […]

A Personal Ad

June 8, 2010


MARRIED COUPLE, EARLY FIFTIES. SEEKS OTHER COUPLES FOR CONVERSATION, COMPANIONSHIP, AND FUN. No, really. We’re not into anything weird. We’re just tired of talking about the weather and the price of gas. And we’re hoping there are others out there who might be feeling the same way. Here’s a little about us. We enjoy traveling, partly […]

Please Answer My Question! (About “Moonstruck”)

May 27, 2010


I’ve seen Moonstruck, in part or in total, about two dozen times. Yet I still can’t quite understand why Johnny tells Loretta that he can’t marry her. His explanation is that his mother will die. But his mother recovered — got off her deathbed — right after he told her about his impending marriage. Why […]