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Exposure Control

January 6, 2014


There are these people called paparazzi. It’s a word that always makes me think of Italian police cars, or small deep-fried desserts. But, no, they’re actually human beings. They can also be thought of as punching bags with zoom lenses. The paparazzi would prefer to be called photo-journalists, I imagine, but that makes it sound […]

India Emerges, Yet Again

February 26, 2011


My friend and blogging buddy, Priya, has published several enlightening posts about India, her homeland. After reading each of those posts on her blog, Partial View, I’ve found that the more I learn, the more questions I have. I don’t think I’m alone. India is still so strangely unfamiliar to most of us who haven’t […]

Crossing the Line

October 4, 2010


My wife and I are American citizens, and so are our kids, but we moved to Canada twelve years ago. It wasn’t a political statement of some kind. We weren’t trying to escape anything or looking to pursue a different lifestyle. We were just visiting and happened to find a house we loved. In our […]