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Pick a Career, any Career

June 10, 2014


I’ve always wanted to be a magician. I’m not talking about one of those big-name Las Vegas stage performers with the three-year contracts and the expensive haircuts. Those guys are masters of melodrama, and a little too impressed with themselves, if you ask me. Besides, they make aircraft carriers disappear from parking lots, and I […]

The Search for Intelligent Life

September 15, 2011


I wake up with a rare feeling of energy pulsing through me. I’m focused on a list of goals in my mind, important things I will either accomplish or at least pummel into submission. Without words, I tell myself this is going to be a productive day. After driving my son to school, I steer […]

Warning: May Contain Spiders or Spider Parts

November 5, 2010


It’s one of those moments you don’t see coming, like when you notice something has fallen from the back of a truck and then there it is right in front of your car. It could be small, like a five-pound sack of potatoes or someone’s blue hat. Your mind snaps back from wherever it had […]