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Scarred for Life

February 8, 2013


When we’re young, life takes place on two physical levels. There’s the world of adults, shifting like storm clouds close to the ceiling, and the world of children, where kids create games to simulate the behavior of their parents and relatives. I could barely figure out what was happening on my own level, so I […]

My Brain in a Jar (Part 2)

December 30, 2012


There are clear benefits to leaving your brain to science. For one thing, there’s no more sitting at traffic lights, having to go to the bathroom in the middle of a movie, or arguing with someone three continents away about the four-dollar mistake on your last bank statement. For another, you never get the hiccups. […]

On Being Neurotic (Part 2) (I Had Enough After All) (Although I May Have Made Some of It Up)

June 4, 2012


For the past three days, I’ve had the old Goobers & Raisinets jingle playing continually in my head. The idea that my mind has been taken over by a television commercial from four decades ago is unsettling enough. But my real fear is that any day now I’ll go up into the attic, put on […]

Deep Impact

March 7, 2012


I had a wisdom tooth extracted yesterday, although the word extracted is a little misleading. It had to be drilled and cut up, then pulled out in slivers — similar to how you might remove a cork that was stuck too far down the neck of a wine bottle, only with a lot more blood. […]

When the Squeaky Wheel Runs Over Your Foot

August 23, 2011


If you want to be truly happy, focus on the positive. I hear this all the time, and it makes me want to go right up to the person saying it and light their hair on fire. First of all, what does truly happy even mean? Can I be falsely happy? And if so, how […]