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True Love

August 17, 2012


My daughter, Allison, is suffering under the delusion that she’s getting married today. This is impossible, of course, because she’s just a little girl. Okay, she’s not really a little girl. She was born in 1985, and if you subtract that number from the year it is now, she’s twenty-seven. So if you want to […]

Worth A Try?

July 27, 2011


Once again, an individual has caused mass death and destruction, and sent a wave of fear circling the globe. Once again, people are lamenting the world’s ever-increasing insanity. And once again, a separate incident — specifically, the death of a celebrity — has occurred almost simultaneously, seeming to compete for attention with the larger event. Is […]

A Valentine for Imperfect Couples

February 13, 2011


For those of us who grew up with fairy tales, and later with the movies and television, it might be natural to assume that romance is supposed to lead to happily-ever-after. We take it for granted that destiny holds our perfect match in its hands, and while the prize may be slow to arrive, eventually […]