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Chew On This

November 19, 2011


I’ve always wanted to be smart, I guess because I grew up in a time when smart people got some respect. Albert Einstein was considered the greatest genius anybody could imagine. He was so smart, he didn’t even have to comb his hair. In a room full of brilliant people, he still got to sit […]

The Search for Intelligent Life

September 15, 2011


I wake up with a rare feeling of energy pulsing through me. I’m focused on a list of goals in my mind, important things I will either accomplish or at least pummel into submission. Without words, I tell myself this is going to be a productive day. After driving my son to school, I steer […]

Arrivals and Departures

May 4, 2011


I didn’t bother to check the gas gauge. The tank was full. It had to be. Everybody knows that when you rent a car, you pick it up with a full tank and you return it the same way. Besides, there had been some confusion at the customer service counter. I’d paid for a compact […]

Somewhat Stylishly Versatile

April 9, 2011


Several weeks ago I was given the Stylish Blogger Award by rumblycottage. Because I’d already received this award months ago (and felt self-conscious about it the first time), I really didn’t know how to handle this second honor. Then, about a week later, I was notified by play101 and writerwoman61 that they’d named me for […]

Guilty with an Explanation

January 17, 2011


A few days ago, Earth Ocean Sky Redux posted about her recent attempt at making pancakes for the family. The word “attempt” gives away the ending, of course, but I think you’ll enjoy the pictures as well as her narrative. By presenting photographic evidence, EOS seemed to be throwing herself on the mercy of the […]

My Predictions for 2011

December 30, 2010


•  A giant comet will slam into the continental United States in mid-January, wiping out more than forty percent of the world’s life forms. No one will pay much attention, however, until after the Super Bowl. •  In April, a slight change in the Earth’s magnetic field will cause all zippers to suddenly reverse direction. […]

By Jove, Where Am I?

September 24, 2010


In 2002, a couple from Great Britain wanted to travel to Sydney, Australia, but somehow found themselves in Sydney, Nova Scotia. That isn’t just on a completely different continent; it’s on the other side of the planet. In the travel business, it’s about as wrong as you can be. This was a peculiar story. Incredible, […]

Maybe It’s Mars That’s Shrinking?

June 19, 2010


They say the world’s getting smaller. They’ve been saying it for years, but I don’t know. We flew from Rome to New York a few months ago and it took twelve hours. I’ve taken that trip before and don’t remember the flight being that long. I think maybe the world’s getting bigger. I’ll tell you […]

The Elusive Line on Food Allergens

May 24, 2010


I may be attempting the impossible here, but I’d like to talk about peanut allergies among school children without stirring up a swarm of angry responses. I’m not questioning the existence or seriousness of these allergies. But after doing a considerable amount of research, it’s clear to me that peanut products pose a mortal danger […]

Sicily: The Food

May 19, 2010


We’ve been to Sicily three times now, so it seems unnecessary to say we love it. The landscape is overwhelmingly beautiful, the people are friendly and welcoming, and there’s history everywhere you look. I’ll be writing more about this wonderful island, but for now I just wanted to talk a bit about the food. I […]