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Hard to Grasp

November 10, 2011


On the day of my birth, I was the youngest person in my family. I know this is true for everyone who has ever been born, but I wanted to claim some special distinction, even if just for the briefest moment it took you to realize that there wasn’t anything remarkable about it. The year […]

Winter’s Thaw

September 21, 2011


My good friend and blogging buddy, Priya, recently sent me the beginning of a story she wanted to write. She asked me to add a few paragraphs, then send it back to her. The idea was that we would continue taking turns extending the story until it was finished, like a single plant growing from […]

Why We Get Old

June 12, 2010


Have you ever compared photographs of the same person, taken fifteen or twenty years apart, and wondered what in the world happened? How could someone look so different because of a few passing years? Why do people age so dramatically? The answer is simple: they had children. We have two daughters, who are now in […]

Buy Now, Die Later

June 10, 2010


The July issue of Discover magazine has a full-page ad for a product called Vinotrol, which is supposed to help you live longer. It’s one of those paid advertisements designed to look like a news article, and it refers to various doctors, scientific studies, and of course, researchers at Harvard Medical School. Vinotrol is really […]